Black Superhero of the Day:Venus Dee Milo

shout out to Becca for the help-out! Venus Dee Milo made her debut in the first issue of X-Statix, a spin-off from X-force (which was itself a spin-off from X-men). She has no arms, like the Greek Statue she is named for, Venus de Milo. She discovered her powers during an argument with her parents as a young adult, causing an explosion that destroyed her grandmother's home. she flees from the guilt and eventually joins X-force. Venus is made of pure energy- without the containment suit made for her by Professor X, she wouldn't have a physical form. As a result, nobody really knew she was black until she told the team leader. She can fly, teleport from place to place, use her energy as a weapon, and heal herself and others.
this new version of X-force was created by the critically acclaimed creative team of Peter Milligan and Mike Allred and revolved around a superhero reality show that sent mutants on high-risk missions and repaid them with an instant rockstar lifestyle. after coming in conflict with the original team called X-force, who didn't appreciate these guys stealing their name, the group changed their name to the X-Statix. all this was a smokescreen for Marvel's decision to change the name of the comic to keep from having to pay a royalty to the co-creator of the original X-force, Rob Liefeld. unlike other angsty ultra-serious X-men titles, X-Statix combined dark humor with ultra-violence and social commentary to create a book that was both entertaining and unique. although the team saw members die horrible violent deaths on a regular basis, Venus lasted long enough to... well, that would be telling!
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