trust me... it's DOPE!

i understand if you still haven't checked out PROOF (the 2008 ghettoManga comic of the Year, by the way) ... but you should peep the free preview of PROOF #18 (free fits ANY budget!) by clicking the pic on the left. here's the pitch:
“JULIA,” Part One
SASQUATCH AND STEAMPUNK! Proof’s a young man in 1860 London. Springhel Jack is murdering prostitutes and he may be hiding out in the circus sideshow where Proof is a featured attraction. But Proof’s mind is on something else: the beautiful “Baboon Lady,” Julia.
so click the pic and read that preview... go ahead, i'll wait.
dope, huh? you can jump on raw dog by copping this issue this wednesday at your local comic shop, but your head won't hurt so bad if you go back and start at the beginning! start with Goatsucker, which collects the first story arc... then you'll feel me, fam...

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