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the ghettoManga TPB of the Year is the collection of Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield's fab webcomic Freakangels Volume 1. if you are unfamiliar with Warren Ellis, he's one of the craziest and most talented writers in the freakin' free world! in addition to being a mad genius, Ellis is also mad prolific, and the british scribe has a knack for working with hot, fresh, unknown (at least to me) talent. on Freakangels, he's workin' with Paul Duffield, who is smooth, skillful and consistent.
Fans of Ellis' superhero comics work will not have any problems getting into this post-apocalyptic science-fiction tale about gifted young psychics who try to pay for the great destruction they accidentally brought on by being down-low community messiahs. exploring the lives of the twelve "strange children born in England at exactly the same moment" gets really interesting when you find out that the Freakangels all banded together to put out one of their number, and he has started hypnotizing people and sending them after his mates for revenge!
Freakangels is a slow-burning fire. if you are an impatient ADD kid, or the kind of person who hates earthbound sci-fi, character driven comics or virtuoso animation-style art ... skip it. everyone else should click one of the pics to buy the TPB, or at least peep it online for free!

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