Playdough in the HOUSE, April 11th

long-time ghettoManga readers will remember when i couldn't stop talking about Dallas emcee/beatmaker Playdough. he's a record-breaking champion battle rhymer 'round these parts, more than competent maestro on beats, and as prolific as weezy f baby to boot! while on tour in australia (see what i mean?), Playdough recorded Goodonya with aussie goodfellas like DJ Flagrant and Nill Void, plus the usual suspects like Pigeon John, Con Safos, Freddie Bruno and Sean P. anyways, roll out to the Mokah Coffee Lounge in Dallas and witness this rap luminary do his t'ing, courtesy of the fine folks at ArtLoveMagic (for more info, go here). if you never heard him, go here and sample some cuts, cousin!

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