Starring Mickey Rourke as... no, wait. Nevermind.

Everyone loves a good underdog story...SO LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE! BAMN gets its title from its embittered main character. Surly, washed-up former pro-wrestler Bamn has spent the dying years of his career throwing up in bars. He lives out of his car and uses stolen credit cards to pay for beer. A chance encounter with a pair of local High Schoolers, Art and Ian, brings him to the FWF. A "Backyard Wrestling Federation" ran by the two young fans. When the local High School Wrestling Squad shows up to bully the Backyarders, Bamn steps in. In a rare moment of clarity, he promises all the Backyard kids that he s going to teach them the most important thing they will ever learn...HOW TO FIGHT BACK AND LOOK GOOD DOING IT!
BAMN #1 by Troy Jeffrey Allen David Dean and Jay Payne is availlable now on ComixPress.

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