PREVIEW: Bring the Thunder #1 & 2

 Pulled these preview pages for the first couple issues of Dynamite Entertainment's new book Bring The Thunder off of CBR.
Here's the Sales Pitch:
Wayne Russell is an elite pararescue jumper in the Air Force serving in Afghanistan. He leads the most rigorously trained troops on the most dangerous missions into enemy territory. During a deadly mission, Wayne's team is ambushed. Mortally wounded, Wayne finds and fires an experimental weapon, but the weapon malfunctions. The result will change Wayne and warfare forever.

Sales Pitch for issue #2
Wayne Russell unravels the mystery of how he got back to Chicago, and how a year passed without him noticing. Declared dead in Afghanistan, Wayne’s family is under incredible stress and they’ve had to move back to the inner city. His oldest son is in a gang and they don’t like the new stranger who has come to town. They picked the wrong man to mess with.

These previews show just enough for me to decide I wanna check this out... and I guess that's what previews are for so, a win for Dynamite... Alex Ross covers help of course, but this dude Wilson Tortosa appears to have the gift. Next time I hit the comic shop, I need to check this out! Bring The Thunder #1 is in stores now, and #2 drops Wednesday January 5th.

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