Tracy Morgan + Live TV = NO!

Tracy Morgan's gives his fair and unbiased opinion of former half-term Alaskan governor and possible presidential candidate Sarah Palin on TNT's NBA Pregame Show...

I'm not sure who thought it was a good idea to let Tracy Morgan come on and say something on live teevee... I would blame Charles Barkley, but honestly, Barkley is like a teenager. The show has producers and stuff who should have demanded that they shoot beforehand or do a tape delay or something. Tracy Morgan is nuts. That's his appeal. If you put a camera on him and ask a question, you should assume he will say something crazy. That said, this had me dying, obviously...
I mean, I know some people were offended, but it could'a been SO much worse! Imagine if your boy Ernie hadn't shut him down! It would'a got GRAPHIC!
By the way, that Heat v Kicks game was AWESOME!

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