Uhura speaks...

Here's some great video of Nichelle Nichols speaking casually at the 2008 EAST COAST BLACK AGE OF COMICS CONVENTION in Philly. She builds on her brief stint in Blaxploitation, her iconic role on Star Trek, and her run-in with MLK. You can catch Ms. Nichols as one of the featured guests at the Women of Sci-Fi Convention coming up at the end of the month in the north Dallas... but for now, peep this clip

video courtesy of Reelblack

"Join us January 29-30 at the Plano Convention Center as we welcome some of TVs biggest Sci-Fi ladies. Guests include Morena Baccarin (V and Firefly), Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica's Six), Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica's Starbuck), NIchelle Nichols (Star Trek Uhura), Alaina Huffman (Stargate SGU and Smallville), Erin Gray (Buck Rogers), Yvonne Craig (Batgirl), and more!"
-Sci-fi Expo
For the full guest list, click here


Arkonbey said...

Wow! I never knew that she met Dr. King. I can only slightly imagine what that would have been like.

It does make me think, though, that female black roles are lacking a bit in Sci-Fi after ST:TOS. Sure, there have been starring guys in sci-fi TV (Lavar Burton; Richard Biggs), but I can't think of any women off the top of my head; heck look at the list that Ms. Nichols is on.

Not sure if it means anything.

samax said...

I think there was a black chick on Firefly, but you're definitely onto something.

Empath said...

Samax thanks so much for posting this. Truly made my week. Arkonbey is on to something. I could think of a lot black women in sci/fi movies but not so much in sci/fi series. Gina Torres was in Cleopatra 2525.Jasika Nicole is on Fringe. Freema Ageyman was on (the tenth) Doctor Who (I know she isn't american but still sci/fi.
But this smells like future a blog post. Once again thanks for posting.A lot of food for thought.

Jamar said...

That's wild - I was sitting on the other side of the table during this interview! I forgot all about this.

samax said...

@Empath- yup.

@Jamar- I made an extra effort not to mention you were in the video, just to see if you were gonna watch it.

Arkonbey said...

@Empath: I totally forgot about Freema!

Not sure how I could have. My wife and I have been on a month-long Dr. Who DVD kick and just last night watched the last Martha Jones episode.

Taj said...

C'mon, man! How could you forget Zoey from Firefly. LOL!
This is great! I love disproving the belief that black people haven't played a part in sci-fi/fantay. Uhura is a benchmark for sci-fi and black entertainment!

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