PREVIEW: Thunderbolts # 152

I love Thunderbolts. It's pro'lly my favorite Marvel comic.If you like Luke Cage, this is definitely a book you should be reading...

The T-Bolts leap into HULK’s “Scorched Earth”! At the request of Steve Rogers, Luke Cage must take his hardened team to deal with a doomsday scenario unleashed in the pages of HULK! And now that the squad is a man short, Cage finally uses his power to recruit another prisoner to duty—and his pick will shock you! Will the Thunderbolts accept this new member as a part of their force? Or will this heavy duty wild card destroy the balance of power?

Kev Walker's art is right up my alley, and I particularly enjoy his depiction of Luke Cage. I also think Jeff Parker writes Cage way better than Bendis... Anyways, hope you enjoyed the preview. Thunderbolts #152 will be in stores January 26th


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