Robert Love to drop new Sketchbook and debut his sci-fi comic "Number 13" in DHP!

Underground comics phemom Robert Love (Chocolate Thunder, Blind Monkey Style, Fierce) leaked the cover to his new sketchbook, The Hive...

Love will have the 52 page black and white sketchbooks available for just $6 at Emerald City Con, which takes place March 4th-6th in Seattle. If you still haven't bought Blind Monkey Style, I'm sure he'll have copies of that on hand as well. He is also working on a full color art book for the summer.
Now is definitely a good time to get in on the Love train, since it's been announced that Dark Horse will debut his creepy/ awesome/ futuristic sci-fi comic Number 13 in the second issue of its Dark Horse Presents relaunch. I can only hope this brings more fan attention to Love and his Number 13 and Blind Monkey collaborator David Walker (BadAzz Mofo). Here's some preview art from Number 13 I found on the internet...

anyways, I've been a fan of Robert Love for a long time, so it's good to see his hard work bearing fruit! For more of my writing about Robert's work, click here. You can also follow his blog here.
[EDIT:you can preorder that Sketchbook HERE for just $7!]


Arkonbey said...

"13" looks pretty creepy. The DHP is another one on the list.

Two thoughts that don't affect how cool the comic looks; they're just observations.

1) like child's drawings, graffiti in comics rarely looks totally realistic. It's tough to do.

2) I wonder if the little eyeball robot guy is a nod to Captain Stern's companion Beezer. Probably not.

samax said...

1) yeah, most comics artists don't take grafitti serious enough as artists to make sure to get it right.

use reference and take a few minutes to get it right, people!

2) why not? We all saw Heavy Metal!

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