In Stores Now: RPM #2 by Mick Foley and Jose Holder

I don't know how I let 12 Gauge Comics' RPM #1 get by me... sorry 'bout that. Here's some preview art from issue #2...

RPM concept art by series artist Jose Holder
Here's the Sales Pitch
Born with hyperkinetic depth perception, Revere sees and reacts to the world faster than anyone. Partnered with a beautiful liaison, Revere is hired by a mysterious corporation to safely move a package from Boston to Miami and pushes head-on against international criminals and shadowy government agencies. Now with an army of hired mercenaries on his tail, Revere races down the East Coast with the world’s largest synthetic diamond in-tow. When a helicopter loaded with gunmen hurtles down from the sky in full attack mode, Revere uses his hyper-kinetic depth perception in a must-see, “Holy $#!t” fashion. Fasten your seatbelts and see the speed, as R.P.M. takes you on a super-charged, non-stop action ride—with twists and turns that only the hardcore mind of  Bestselling author and World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley could conceive. Don’t miss it!

This mess looks dope... Relative newcomer Jose Holder is impressive and the Stelfreeze covers don't hurt either! I gotta track this joint down...



Joh James said...

Thanks for the support, Ghetto!! I'll do my best to impress. PEACE!

Jose Holder (a.k.a. Johjames)

samax said...

no problem, dude! I'm a FAN now! great work!

corance said...

Not only does this look dope, but it's written by a rassler! I have to get this!

I had no idea Mick Foley had an interest in fiction. I'm glad he chose comics.

samax said...

it actually surprised me that the comic has nothing to do with wrestling...

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