PREVIEW- "B-Girl VS D-Grrrl" by Josh Boulet

Oh, they gone and done it now! Somebody scheduled the breakdancing competition and the Roller Derby for the same afternoon and the same venue! Of course, a battle of epic proportions was sure to follow...

B-Girl VS D-Grrl  is a 22-page comic that could only come from the chemically enhanced mind of Josh Boulet (The Green Reefer, If I was Dick, Project Amelia), and can be read online for the low-low price of one dollar. Click here to kick in on his website and download the comic. I did, and if you want to see what can only be described as a weaponized graffiti windmill attack, you pro'lly ought'a drop that dollar too!


Arkonbey said...

I thought it was pretty good, but then I came to the fifth page and the second two panels blew me away!

It's like Mad magazine and Tex Avery a the same time.


It reminds me that I've got to go see my local roller derby events. My old boss is getting her midlife crisis out by being a derby dame.

samax said...

I paid the dollar to download the book (hey, Josh is my boy!) and it gets better! Sublime, even!

Boulet420 said...

I love it!!!!!... but then again I drew it. Thanks so much Samax! I'm smiling while I read the review.

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