Shinku very Much!

Samurai versus Vampires? Yes please...
here's the Sales Pitch:
“Throne Of Blood,” Part One—The sole surviving descendant of a once-proud samurai clan, Shinku wages a solo war against a powerful vampire clan that has lurked in the shadows for centuries. An epic of horror and martial arts set in modern Japan, but with roots in the feudal past, writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Artifacts) and artist Lee Moder (Wonder Woman, Legion of Super-Heroes) will serve up sexy, bloody, ongoing action every month. If you're looking for vampires that sparkle ... this ain't it. Mature Readers.

Ron Marz is the kind of writer who isn't right for EVERY book... but he's good with samurai isht. And this artist seems... enthusiastic. COP IT when it comes out June 1st.

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