start the day off RIGHT w/Xzibit

If you're one of my Facebook friends (or maybe a nosy co-worker), you may already know I was bumping the hell out of Xzibit's classic video for his equally classic banger What U See is What U Get all damn day at work yesterday...

This video is a freaking problem! Besides the fact that Xzibit spits like a volcano on this track, this video does a great job of approximating the way that good rappers create mental collages with words... My Facebook bredren were chiming in about how dope this piece was back in the day, and we pretty much all agreed that we lost it when X stagedives after the last verse... One cat was like "I remember I saw this video for the first time - I jumped up, ran to the store and bought all his albums.." and I believe it, because this joint definitely makes me think I need to cop  40 Dayz & 40 Nightz the classic album this came off of... but anyways, I figured I'd drop this here, since most of y'all probably need to wake up...

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