DJ OP + School of Sharks = DOWNLOAD THIS!

Tuck your chains, fam... the mighty School of Sharks crew has dropped their first Blood in the Water mixtape, and if the previous cuts we've heard are any indication, this mess will be spinning in heavy rotation 'round these parts for a minute...

"This is that purely do it for the sport. Hunt for the kill. No asskiss or try to try to try to try to be anyone but themselves type shit. That corner music. Those freestyles you would hear as you breeze thru the city..." says SoS member Marq Spekt. "I’m proud of the team. Definitely just an appetizer. Most of what’s been flowing out over the web isnt even on this tape. That’s more food for your playlist. You got a full project here. Let me tell you now, it’s still early….beginning stages. Just wait til you get current and up to date..."
 so yeah, go ahead and click here to download that joint. Then find the two tracks NOT produced by Lex Boogie from the Bronx and tweet the name of the tracks to @MarcusRespekt @LexBoogie or @JustinIV to enter to win a free teeshirt (the answer's on the tracklist in the download!)!

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