another "Fist of the Southstar" leak...

 It's hard to say how soon we should expect the hood-rich superhero action graphic novel Southside Nefertiti: Fist of the South Star to come out, but with all the random artwork they leak on the web, I'm thinking the buzz will probably considerable...

In case you're new around here, Fist of the SouthStar features full-time crime-fighter and single mother Nefertiti Jones (right), who may be the only thing keeping her city from falling into all-out super-powered gang war. Judging from the interviews I've seen and read, Southside Nefertiti has had a favorable response with female readers. If Nefertiti's creator, writer and HNIC Mike Sales is a savvy enough marketer to reach more women than the faithful few who currently read comics, I'd say he's got a hit on his hands...

Normally I encourage creative teams to rush things. Perfectionism kills more good ideas than it helps out, but I hope the creative team on Fist of the South Star takes the time to get this right, because this could easily end up being a hot book for them if they play their cards right.
To peep more previews of this incredible book by writer Mike Sales, Randolph "Pencilism" Williams, and Daniel Strickland, just click here. And you can always follow the guys at the Type Illy Press website.



Emilio said...

I am looking forward to this!

samax said...

you and me both!

Ex Machina 7 Productions said...

Great Interview!
Can't wait.


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