"In a world where giant robots exist, those without them get stepped on..." -Corance Davis

Here's a few ads I designed for GodBody: Senseless Acts of Savagery by my dude Corance Davis, with art by Rasheed Hines...

Corance has been doing the due diligence on this comic, dropping a new page every Friday on the GhostWerks blog, hooking up the Project Wonderful account for the impending ad blitz, as well as writing the next episode. The 13 page story is sort of a prelude to a larger story that Corance is still working out the kinks to, but he and Rasheed are cranking this out pretty good.
The story takes place in a world where creating bigger and better giant robots (commonly referred to as "Godbodies") is the new arms race. Like any good giant robot story, the robot action, explosions and collateral damage are a pretty veil for the writers to address various social, political, and spiritual issues.
"I believe that giant robots are at their best when showing man's endeavor, through technology, to be God, and managing only to destroy himself in the effort" Corance explains in The God Hour, a series of blog posts that read like a director's commentary track to Godbody. "It's a story about geniuses. A brother and sister who compete through their engineering prowess; mentors who live vicariously through the skills of their proteges; pilots who can make these powerful machines do what no one else can. It comes down to man vs. man; via machine. In a world where giant robots exist, those without them get stepped on. I hope to tackle these issues with a uniquely American sensibility in regard to character, storytelling, and especially design."
"I love manga," he continues "but I don't want to just bite the Japanese. We can do better than this OEL stuff. God Body isn't a giant robot manga. It's a giant robot comic! And, I'm hoping to drop a jewel that proves to be singular on the comics landscape; both here and Japan. I believe the stories that will unfold from the God Body universe have the ability to illuminate something of human nature, and our relationship to our technology, our governments, and each other.

That, and they'll blow stuff up real good."
word. To get started on the 13 page GodBody: Senseless Acts of Savagery by Corance Davis and Rasheed Hines, click here. Look for more news about GodBody here soon!
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Its time giant robots came home to America!

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