Save 43% Off on that new BATTLE CHASERS HARDCOVER

 I can't think of any comic series that has inspired more fanboy glee that Joe Madureira's hit fantasy joint Battle Chasers Now, it looks like Joe Mad fans will have one last chance to geek out...

Here's the sales pitch:
Collecting every issue ever published of one of the most beloved comic book series of all time, this over-sized graphic novel is bursting at the seams with adventure! Follow young Gully as she searches for her missing father with the help of Garrison, a legendary swordsman; Knolan, the crafty wizard; Calibretto, an outlawed Wargolem; and the notorious mercenary Red Monika! Assaulted at every turn by a cast of memorable villains, Battle Chasers is packed with over-the-top action from cover to cover! Don’t miss this definitive collection, which includes never-before-seen sketches and new artwork, including a fold-out poster!

Collects BATTLE CHASERS #0-9

so this joint is due to drop in a couple weeks (April 26th, but who's counting?), and I'm sure you will be able to find it at your local shop, so pester them heavily. CBR has preview pages up, but my internet connection told me to eat crap, so you'll have to click here to view 'em over there. If you're anything like me, you're gonna seriously consider pre-ordering that joker on Amazon to save over $40 off this book's hefty, but well-worth-it price tag. Click here to save that 43%...


Edward said...

Whoa! A hundred bucks! Don't get me wrong I love Joe MAD! but that's a pretty hefty price. Does this come with a short film and some coloring books or something? This came out when I was a working teenager so I definitely copped every copy but is this collection worth me paying for again? Heh, who am I kidding I will probably still buy it anyway.

samax said...

I wouldn't pay that hundred, either. I'm seriously considering that sale price on Amazon, though. Not bad for an oversized hardcover. That's why I figured it was worth posting!

Anonymous said...

looks good but I think i wait till it's cheaper.

Vee (Scratch) said...

Ok please tell me why this book is all that?

samax said...

I think Joe Mad is an artist who (for his fans) did what they were wanting someone to do: bring a wildly popular anime style to the page (he was the first to draw comics in the now often copied style from the original Ninja Scroll anime).

He left the most popular Marvel book (Uncanny X-men, I think) at the height of his popularity to do a creator-owned Image comic in a genre whose fans were sorely underserved (this was before Tellos or the Crossgen action-fantasy comics).

I only read the first two issues, but they were definitely exquisitely drawn. Joe Mad's haphazard publishing schedule probably reduced the overall reader base for Battle Chasers, but made him even more of a legend.
many good artists rode Mad's coattails to success in the industry.

Vee (Scratch) said...

Yeah, I know he is a good artist and that he was the first to bring in a "new" style. Cool, no doubt. He's tight.

But what made Battle Chasers hot?

samax said...

like I said, I only read two issues... I thought it was okay, but was annoyed with the severe publishing delays. The character designs were very nice (I love the little girl with giant gloves that give her super strength), but I never got a sense of the story itself.

I think it's just the rarity (or maybe perceived rarity?) of the kind of story at the time.

Gibson Quarter said...

Trust me this book is worth every penny. Oversized, great production values and the story holds up very well when you can read it in one sitting. Highly recommened!

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