9 minute Preview... rhymes with "Wonder Bats"

I'm sure this is coming down soon, so enjoy it while you can...

I'm still not clear if this series is meant to take place centuries after the eighties series, or if it is a pure reboot. I like the idea that the Sword of Omens is assembling a team similar to the original one to face the threat of a resurrected Mumm-Ra. If they did that, they get bonus points. The new series debuts July 29th on Cartoon Network.


corance said...

Looks good to me. Good animation quality, looks like the story's going somewhere good, even the fight scenes are cool. Maybe they did this one right.

Samax said...

I agree. It works at least enough to make me want to watch the debut.

B_Steelo said...

and Snarf doesn't talk

Samax said...


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