In Stores Now (I think)- "Starborn" Trade Paperback!

Yeah, you know I'm dying to get my hands on that Starborn trade paperback! I read the first few issues and really dug 'em so this is definitely on the BegBorrowSteal list...

because writing "Marvel Style" isn't hands-off enough, now Stan Lee got dudes writing his comics for him altogether. So "Stan the Man" went all Mister Brainwash on us and has enlisted a gang of dudes to write and draw his signature line of books at BOOM! Studios for him... the only one I've checked out is Starborn, the science-fiction hero joint by Chris Roberson and Khary ("like Atari") Randolph, and it's dope!  Now that joint is in stores in trade paperback. 128 full color pages for ten bucks is a great deal! I don't think that's a sale price, just the publisher being nice, I guess... I saw a blurb on CBR that said this is in stores as of July 6th, but Amazon says it drops the first week of August, so check your local shop to see if it's out yet, but I'm definitely copping this one and you should too! If you don't do comicshops, just pre-order it on Amazon. If you wanna see more preview pages, just click here to check my earlier posts!

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