Physical Graffiti + DJ Priority = DOWNLOAD THIS!!!

I wasn't familiar with this chick Physical Graffiti until my dude DJ Priority dropped this joint Hamlet Complex from her debut album Thought Kryminal on Twitter. PLEASE peep that isht below...

Physical Graffiti "Hamlet Complex" produced by DJ Priority (Clean) by djpriority
Jesus wept, this is my joint...  I think I have played this for at least an hour straight before sitting down to write this. This particular song is produced by DJ Priority, and it's transcendantly good! This took me back to Yo! MTV Raps! People complain about hip hop so much, but they really just need to turn of the corporate controlled radio and video channels and put their ear to the effing streets!

In this video, the artist talks about how she raised the bread to press the record and geeks out opening the first box of ceedees. You think some drug dealer on BET cares this much about getting their music out? Yeah, me neither... I don't complain that much about wack stuff as long as the underground keeps hooking me up with that fire.  Click here to support street-level hip hop by copping the album Thought Kryminal on the artist's website!
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