PREVIEW- Saint 2

 I've run into Wayne Jackson of Austin-based micropublisher Urban Senate at conventions several times and found him to be a cool guy, so I was pleased to see that he had tapped my dude Erik Reeves to draw the interiors for his book Saint, which is now up on IndyPlanet. Erik emailed me these preview pages last night, so I figured you'd wanna see them asap!
Here's the Sales Pitch:
There are no space ships; even if escape were possible, there is no place to go... Other worldly beings watch, as the Earth crumbles and Humanity marches toward extinction. They offer a solution: Your world shall be restored in exchange for your servitude. Humanity's fate now rests with their new Gods or transcends determinism within the hands of their Saints.
In this issue of Saint; General Nicholie Peczersky's courage during the war has earned him the rank of Regent along with the burdens of rebuilding and safe guarding humanity. His troubles increase when Mankind is visited by deific extraterestrial beings know only as the Quantum. World wide disasters, Phantasms and now, Aliens; the work of a Regent is never done...

This seems like an ill premise! Like I said, you can click here to cop Saint #2 on Indyplanet.
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