start the day off Right w/Curren$y, Mos Def, & Jay Electronica

This song The Day by Curren$y (featuring Jay Electronica and the mighty Mos Def) isn't new, but it is extremely dope.  I never heard it before, but my dude Khalid posted it on Facebook yesterday, and I thought it would be a good song for the early risers...

Curren$y - The Day (Ft. Mos Def & Jay Electronica) by WatDaDickens
Everybody knows I cuts for Jay Electro and Mos, but Curren$y is a cat who has yet to capture my imagination. Still, a few people who I trust say he's mustard, so you might wanna check into him yourself. Anyways, Click here to cop this track via soundcloud.


corance said...

Nice track. Love those horns.

samax said...

word. Me too!

mantatakhan said...

i posted this a bizillion times on fb. Bangin!!! Mos' holds down the hook lovely and switches thew words up randomly to keep me interested and excites. Jay is so potent with every carefully crafted line reminiscent of Biggies greatness and young bowl Currency delivers his trademark lazy mouf ruffian swag. Touchdown! The saviours converge.

samax said...

LOL! "lazy mouf ruffian swag" Exactly!
Yeah, I couldn't have said it better! an EXCELLENT cut!



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