start the day off Right w/Adam WarRock

If you find yourself in the mood for some light-hearted nerdcore rap shit, feast your ears on this dude Adam WarRock...

this song Nerd Corps off the EP This Man... This Emcee! is probably the best introduction to WarRock and what he's about, but Sad Ultron and Fantomex and the Nerd Corps remix are fresh too. A lotta nerdcore artists are just extroverted dorks who can't sing so they think they can rhyme, but I have observed WarRock interacting with other hip hop heads on Twitter, and feel comfortable that he really loves hip hop. I can imagine that he tried sulking around trying to be a typical rap tough guy before finding his niche rocking comics inspired rhymes...

WarRock has a new EP dedicated to that jewel in the nineties comics crown... yes, he loves him some New Warriors, so if you do too you'll definitely enjoy this free download. Click here to cop it. While your slow ass connection is doing what it do(es. Sorry, I'm to old to say "do what it do" with a straight face), go bookmark his blog so you won't miss the next freebie! Dude is pretty prolific, so if you like his music, he will take good care of you.
have a great day!
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