Album Review: "Thrift Store Jesus" by Heath McNease

Worship crooner and bandcamp rap champion Heath McNease dropped his album Thrift Store Jesus on the feverishly-waiting internets last month, but I was too busy to notice. Because being a Christian makes you persistent and stuff, he sent me another email today, so I checked it out. After all, I'm STILL bumping that Nintendo Thumb Mixtape, and it was free. Hell, the guy split the bill to pay me to draw that Wed, White & Wu artwork... the least I could do was check out his new plate, right? You can listen to it free below, and I'll let you know what your opinion should be I thought of it...

“This will be, by all accounts, my LEAST alluring album..." Heath confessed in an article I read on Sphere of Hip Hop. "It won’t be buck wild fun like the mixtapes. But it will be the most important to me personally. It’s just unrestrained lyricism.
He ain't lyin'... he doesn't go full retarded like he did on Straight Outta Console or Wed, White & Wu, both of which had a mocking, tongue-in-cheek spirit to them that I found immediately endearing. That said, McNease is every bit as lyrically vigorous and unpredictable on Thrift Store Jesus as he was on those records, which is why I like it. The record is equal parts culture criticism, confessional, and giddy wordplay... shaken, not stirred. 
 In addition to breathing out over folksy unplugged guitar worship stuff, he rough rode over a few tracks crafted by Courtland Urbano, Freddie Bruno, Playdough, and ForBeatSake. Thrift Store Jesus isn't heavy on guest stars, but Heath welcomed Playdough on Under Her Pillow, and made room for Pigeon John, Red Cloud, and Sintax the Terrific on the obligatory posse cut It's a Wonderful Life.  
The bottom line, whether he's being silly like on the mixtapes or dead serious... whether over boom bap or on some unplugged isht, Heath sure can rhyme. To get an autographed ceedee (remember those?), tee shirts, a personalized thank you video, or have Heath come to your town and perform in your kitchen (really!) click here and do what you gotta do!


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