Preview- "BLOCKHEAD vs Da Hot Dog Demon" by Nat Landry

Louisiana emcee, art dude and GhettoManga contributor Nat Landry (Bring Da Pain Jermaine) gave us a first look at his upcoming comic Blockhead vs Da Hot Dog Demon, so enjoy...

NICE! I can't wait to see more of this... if you've ever read Nat's comics before, you know ANYTHING is liable to happen on the next page! Nat will be dropping the webcomic soon, so I'll let you know when it hits. Until then, click here to peep more of his art on his blog. You can also read his comic Devil Kitty and Violent Amphibious Beaver Boy in the Pa(y)triotic issue of GhettoManga Quarterly and Bring Da Pain Jermaine in the MF DOOM tribute issue.


corance said...

I love his stuff. It's chaotic ignorance!

samax amen said...

LOL! Right!

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