Read it FREE- American Dark Age #1

Megabrain Comics is still celebrating the successful Kickstarter campaign for the second issue of its urban disaster fantasy American Dark Age, which chronicles the transformation of Kat Brody from indie punk-rocker to armored sword-wielding badass. So you can read American Dark Age #1 free courtesy of the publisher, via the miracle of Graphicly...

Yeah... I wasn't familiar with American Dark Ages, which came out with this first issue in the fall after a successful Kickstarter campaign, when writer/designer/creator Jean Michel reached out to me on Twitter a couple weeks ago, but I was immediately intrigued by the concept. I put down my little pledge, which was quickly collected when the campaign for issue two succeeded last week. 
I'm encouraged by what I see as a movement in independent comics of men and women interested in telling stories with independent and compelling female characters.  With that in mind, American Dark Age is made all the more exciting by the rich black-and-white art of Jacqueline Taylor. I'm not familiar with her past work, but she's dope.

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