"Do the LADIES Run this mutha? Heeelll yea!" or PREVIEW- "WOMANTHOLOGY #1"

It took 168 contributors to make it happen, but the Womanthology movement is upon us...
Here's the Sales Pitch:
Womanthology is a large-scale anthology showcasing the works of women in comics. It is created entirely by over 140 women of all experience levels, from young girls who love to create comics all the way up to top industry professionals. All of the short stories will center around our theme for this volume; Heroic. There will also be features, such as Professional How-Tos, a Kids/Teens section showcasing their works and giving tips, as well as a section dedicated to some Iconic female comic creators of the past, such as Nell Brinkley, and much more. Profits of this book will go towards the Charities of GlobalGiving.org

If you were smart enough to get in on the Kickstarter campaign for Womanthology, you will get your books soon. Keep track of the Womanthology movement via the blog, Twitter, Facebook and other social media.

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