"I ain't pulling a Ma$e, I ain't duckin' the game, I play at my own pace..." -Bavu Blakes

I just put a quarter on Bavu's Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming record SANCT EP, which will get me a physical cd (remember those?) and a teeshirt. He doesn't really need my money to make it, though: he's doing fine...

I put $25 from my big bright future down to support Bavu's music (even though he sent me a digital copy to review back in January) because Bavu is the freakin' business. Like I joked above, he didn't need it though: By the time I got around to his Kickstarter page today, he had raised 108% (that's more than enough for you slow kids) of the $4,500 goal and counting. But like I said, Bavu is dope (and I wanted a fresh tee), so I kicked in. "I don't make my music for the money, I do other things for the money..." Bavu explains on the fundraiser page. "As a family man, I fully believe in the importance of multi-generational music that conveys the love, truth and power of the Most High. I make music as a means of expression, to fulfill my purpose and, most definitely, in service to the people who enjoy it." I can relate to Bavu's desire to use fundraising efforts to remove the financial footprint of being a creative person from his family finances, and I'm excited to be a small part of getting the music out. As I write this, there's still time to put your pledge in to get the record and other goodies sent to you, just click here. Read more of my geeking about Bavu by clicking here.


corance said...

Wow! That was madd dope! I'm a start using that, btw.

Tell'em I'm doin' fine! Tell'em I'm doin' great!

samax amen said...

Yeah... Bavu is the man.

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