Hip Hop INTERVIEW: Davey D sits down with Mr. Lif

Mr. Lif from his Def Jux days...
Here's a classic 55 minute interview from Breakdown FM where that dude Davey D sits with underground rap hero Mr. Lif, playing classic Lif tracks and speaking about the arc of his career at the time (this is 2008, I think). Davey and Lif build and destroy about the culture at Def Jux, compare and contrast the Bay Area and Boston hip hop scenes, and the politics within the industry and the greater world. Take a break from your reality teevee for some real reality...

A while back, I got into my boy Anthony's old busted Volvo and he was bumping Lif's classic anti-job anthem Live From the Plantation (off his breakthrough ceedee I, Phantom), which instantly connected me with the dread's spirit. It's great listening to Lif break down the comradery that was Def Jux back then (this interview was recorded in 2008, I think). I didn't keep up with all the goings on, but obviously those days are over judging from all the diss tracks flying back and forth between El-P and Vast Aire, for example.  
Lif also reflects on Rolling Stone erroneously predicting his impending rise to superstar status.  I guess they were thinking success in the rap industry was based on skills or something. This interview is from 2008 or so, so I would love to hear Lif's thoughts on all that now. Anyways, Davey presides over a dope interview. This so reminds me that the underground is the place to look for hip hop. 
Lif's changed his look, but the music's still dope...

If you've never listened to Lif before listening to this, get into Lif's catalog on Amazon, and be sure to check out his latest joints on his bandcamp page, like this dope 2009 album I Heard It Today, with standout tracks Folklore (featuring Vinnie Paz and Dumbtron) and Obama.   ]

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