"Now if we add up the stats of latinos and blacks that’s murdered with gats, it’s way more than Iraq..." -Bavu Blakes

Feel free to ignore my rambling below and just enjoy this free track by Third Root and Bavu Blakes...

Honestly, I've been too upset about this Trayvon Martin killing to speak on it. It's so much more to this kind of thing. On one hand, it doesn't even surprise me... America seems to enjoy sending the message that black lives are basically worthless, so here we go again. On the other hand, everyone is quick to jump out and use the viral uproar to promote their own political agendas or pet causes while our emotions are raw and we are willing to listen... The opportunism is itself enough to make me so mad I don't know what to say...

I'll just continue to follow the story and pray for... what? Trayvon's gone...  so there's no happy ending coming, that's for sure. I don't know if there will even be any justice in this case either. Just the fact that it went down like it did so far goes to show that the system is broken doing what it is meant to do always does: 
  1. The left is blaming the right for racist attitudes and proliferation of loose gun laws. 
  2. The right is accusing the left of race-baiting. 
  3. White people are claiming race has nothing to do with it. 
  4. Black folks think we know better.
  5. Every now and then, someone blames hip hop.

I have had cops and good ole boys points guns at me more than once because I looked "dangerous" or "suspicious"... Thank God they didn't squeeze on me. The thought of my mom crying over my grave and people kicking dirt on my name the way they are doing with Trayvon makes me tear up. Not for me (I'd be beyond caring then) but for my mom. She worked hard to raise me... she doesn't deserve that. I see my mom in the tired and determined faces of Trayvon's parents. They don't deserve this, either. But like my mom would, they are fighting the good fight. They just want Justice.
We'll see... 



Graffiti On The Sun said...

You now what the twist in the knife about all the coverage of Trayvon is? When this story started to get covered it was done in a way that I thought while it's clear we still have all the racist bs, the majority of people seemed to be shocked and horrified about what happen. I hope it was a sign that things where getting better. The majority aren't crazy scarred racist but decent people.

I still think that's the case but more and more the idiots seems to be coming out.

samax amen said...

I would feel better if they were just stupid. Largely, they are intelligent, decisive people working hard to manipulate information to shift the focus from Justice to Justification.

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