Fresh off the events of the zero issue, the group of crime-fighters known as The Almighty Street Team hits the ground running in The Almighty Street Team #1.  This brand new adventure starring an assemblage of vigilante characters from different independent comics will make its print debut at Heroes Con, but you can peep this digital preview right now!
The double page layouts Stanley Weaver Jr is using here are perfect for reading on a computer or tablet, so click to enlarge, and enjoy! 

The Almighty Street Team is one of my favorite indie projects.

The idea of bringing together characters from independent creators to build a shared universe so they can benefit from the synergy of crossovers is a good one that doesn't get old.

The characters share a lot of similarities, which you can see as a weakness or a strength, depending on how you look at it.  I remember when I was watching the Netflix Defenders series feeling that this group of talented punchers was getting repetitive, but I would dare say it doesn't feel that way here. 

That is probably credited to the advantages of comics as a medium, and the creative team, who make sure there is more imagination per panel than you would get from a screencap of a streaming tv show.

In The Almighty Street Team #1, we get to see the heroes differences, both in how they relate to each other as well as in their combat styles.  The exaggerated fight scenes scripted by Joe Robinson Currie and choreographed by Stanley Weaver Jr are designed for maximum creative impact.

The art by Weaver and Shawn Alleyne works hard to illustrate the uniqueness of the characters and to move the action-packed story along.

Good stuff.

If you're gonna be at Heroes Con in Charlotte June 14-16, head over to the Street Team Studios table at AA-07-08, where you'll find Joe Currie, Mase, and Stanley Weaver jr.  Make sure to get your hands on The Almighty Street Team #1, as well as whatever other stuff they have on hand.

For the rest of us, The Almighty Street Team #1 (of 4) is coming soon for purchase in their online store.  While you're waiting, you can CLICK HERE to cop the Zero issue, the Street Team Universe Guide Book, and Realm of the Iron Dragon computer game right now!

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