Comic Book World - Fantastic Shape Shifting Beasts and Where to Find Them

The bad news is there are invertebrate multi-brained shape-shifting predators on Earth hiding in plain sight.  The good news is they can't survive in our atmosphere for very long.

It's not bacteria and germs that they can't take like War of the Worlds, these monsters are water-breathers...

Forgive my ignorance.  I was already familiar with animals having camouflage abilities, but these invertebrates show abilities that were way more involved than I thought, able to mimic extremely complicated textures and color variations.

And these are predators!  Can you imagine if alligators, or dobermans, or other land-based predators could do this?  It would turn your hood into the Savage Land over night.

Worse yet, what if other people get this ability?  That takes ninja assassin shit to the whole next level, fam! 

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