#IFWT DYNAMO AZAAN by Roosevelt Pitt + Nats Ladesma

As far as independent black comics, Roosevelt Pitt achieved "that dude" status a long time ago.  As such, you should be checking for DYNAMO AZAAN, featuring art by future superstar Nats Ladesma, which has just launched on Kickstarter.

From the mind of famed author and GLYPH Award Winner Roosevelt Pitt, Jr. comes a story of epic proportions! 

Jamil Khalid, eleven-year-old genius pilots Dynamo Azaan a mech powered by the gods of Africa, to protect a city whose existence ensures the survival of humanity.

The Place: Kenya, Africa where lies the most highly technological city known to man. Hermopolis!!!

A haven of spiritual enchantment fueled by the African gods of old, Hermopolis is revered as the Utopia of the modern age of man. It’s here that lives are forever changed and discoveries are born.

But where gold sparkles there are those who lie in wait to covet it. And then there are those who seek to control it at any cost. Enter the world of Dynamo Azaan Dreamer, Adventurer, Hero, and the most powerful mech on the planet. Piloted by his ten year old creator Jamil Khalid, Dynamo embarks on a quest of self discovery as he faces threats that could tear his beloved city asunder.

Anyways, I don't have time to fully do this justice right now, but I believed in this project enough to put some of MY hard-earned scrill behind it, so CLICK HERE to see more DYNAMO AZAAN artwork, and if you like what you see, you should help fund the production too.

-"some AX"
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