Now Playing- STREET UNIVERSE by Napoleon Da Legend + Giallo Point

One of the best emcees I have heard in the last ten years, Napoleon Da Legend returns with the kinda shit talking conscious lyrics that we took for granted in the nineties.  

His new jawn STREET UNIVERSE teams him up with soulful UK beatsmith Giallo Point.

The sales pitch:

Today I present you with my third collaboration with U.K. producer Giallo Point. This album features El Gant, John Robinson, Ren Thomas, J. Scienide, Sicknature, Scorzayzee & Micall Parknsun.
Download and listen to it here ----->
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love is love
Napoleon Da Legend

People my age complain about hip hop a lot, but I don't.  As a hip hopper in Texas, I was digging for dope raps before Yo! MTV Raps and Rap City, trained y'all to trust Fortune 500 corporations to tell you what's good in the streets.

Whatever corporate radio and television are thinking about, I don't lean on them to tell me who's nice.  So I don't find it surprising when the "big names" in rap reality teevee keep lowering the bar for what passes for good lyrics and/or beats.  

Anyways, Napoleon and Giallo are perfect examples of incredibly dope artists that are out here chopping it up for the culture and building their own careers in relative obscurity.  I don't repeatedly big up Napoleon because he's famous, but because he consistently produces quality material.

CLICK HERE to check out STREET UNIVERSE on your favorite platform for dope music, and cop the limited edition vinyl while supplies last.

Then pat yourself on the back for finding your way back to true school hip hop.

Welcome home.


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