Artist/Illustrator of the Year

the 2008 ghettoManga Artist of the Year Award goes to Jim "FOOD ONE" Mahfood. Jim exemplifies the indie spirit of ghettoManga, and should be an inspiration for any artist out there getting their grind on. his work is so gutteral and immediate that many people don't like it on first viewing, but Food's pop-culture laden street hustle will get you if you let it! he doesn't limit himself to comics, attacking any artform he can get his hands on with equal fervor, whether rolling solo or with a crew...
jim Mahfood is the real deal: a street-level-yet-somehow- still-avante-guarde comics artist, painter and all-around underground phenom! his style is consistant, but still manages to surprise me every time...he alternately does it all: Live Art shows (a cross between painting and Freestyling), comics, street level ad campaigns, and other artsy goodness, while maintaining his own style and vision...

Jim stays in the streets of Los Angeles, doing every kind of art and music show, as well as doing design work like the Colt 45 campaign (fitting for an artist whose URL is he recently met StreetFighter creator Yoshiki Okamoto at an event where he was invited to tag up a vintage StreetFighter arcade game. check your calendars, cuz he travels to comic conventions and music shows, or you can keep up with Food's exploits at his blog.

once again, props, congratulations, etc to ghettoManga Artist of the Year, Jim Mahfood aka FOOD ONE!

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