gM Awards: Man of The Year

well, i'll finally start rolling out the gMA winners and this was the easiest award to pick. many people did many different things in 2008, but no human being had more impact on the country last year than Barack Obama. Hate him or love him, Obama brought design, intelligence, and class back to politics, and high lighted the lack of it among some of his competitors. he was heralded as too black for white America, and not black enough for black America, but ultimately he reminded everyone what you can do if you play your cards right (he convinced Iverson to cut off his cornrows for God's sake!), even in the face of adversity.
the American public has treated him like a demigod (he was on more Tee shirts than Bob Marley), and now that the rubber has hit the road (who KNOWS if this stimulus thing is gonna work or not...), he still retains a pretty good approval rating. Politics aside, the ghettoManga readers have definitely spoken, as 86% of them voted to award Barack Obama with the Man of the Year Award.

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