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the ghettoManga Comic of the Year is PROOF, the story of a well-dressed Sasquatch, working for a government agency called The Lodge, which captures and cares for creatures whose existence otherwise remains unproven (also called Cryptids). while the idea of such an agency is well-tread (Hellboy, BPRD, Perhapanauts, etc.), PROOF stands out because of its exceptional writing and the devotion of the creative staff. PROOF is (GASP!) monthly and on-time. the story is engaging and filled with intrigue that makes it well worth picking up.

Special Agent John Prufrock is interesting because he talks, thinks and behaves like a human being, even though he clearly knows he isn't one, yet he retains the desire to meet more of his kind. He is always immaculately dressed, as he was taught the art of men's fashion by... but that would be telling! check out Proof Volume 1: Goatsucker (v. 1) and The Company of Men. both books are available in trade paperback on and at any comic shop or bookstore. COP IT!

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