Everything's Gonna Be Alright...

there's a pretty good chance that the blog you're reading now wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Brotherman: Dictator of Discipline. not only did it inspire me, but tons of other cats like me site this comic as a serious influence on them as creative people. black kids who wanted to draw comics all dreamed of growing up to draw white superheroes before this book hit. in Brotherman, Dawud Anyabwile and Guy Sims created a character that that was every bit as tough and heroic as any I'd ever seen, and crafted a world as rich and diverse as there could possibly be... and every single good guy, bad guy, politician, cop, hostage, and hot chick in this comic were 100% black! not only that, but this comic debuted in 1990, at the height of hipHop's cultural brilliance, so the inhabitants of Brotherman's fictional, but all-too-real Big City are spilling over with more old/new school hip hop swagger than a YO! MTV Raps marathon! Densely and lovingly scripted by Guy Sims, the art stands up against anything you want to put up against it.

anyways, i could go on and on about what this book has meant to me, but why should you care about that? what you SHOULD care about is that this is the most important piece of comics history you never heard of. Dawud Anyabwile is the most influential black comicbook artist ever. this book is dope, and now they have collected the entire run into three Trade Paperbacks, over 100 pages each, that will drop simultaneously (that just means "at the same time"... YOU MUST LEARN!) on March 1st. click a picture to go over to BrothermanComics.com and cop em, fam! i don't care WHO you are (don't gimme that "but Samax, I'm not black... i can't relate to this" crap!), you need to get that joint, ASAP! and tell them you heard about it from ghettoManga, cousin!


Corance said...

This book was way ahead of it's time. I remember reading it back then and I sorta didn't get it. I could tell how good it was, but I had to come back to it years later to apreciate it.

I'm glad it's being collected. Now, if DC could onley get Xero collected the cipher would be complete.

Vee (Scratch) said...

Still got my old issues.

samax said...

me too. definitely gonna get the TPBs, though...

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