A Movie Franchise to DIE For

word is out that Warner Bros. is working to put together DC's Suicide Squad as a film franchise. on the heels of The Dark Knight and (the preemtively presumed success of) Watchmen, DC is looking to usher in a new era of dark comicbook pics (much the way The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen did in comics in the eighties). and if you're looking for "grim and gritty", what better way than by featuring tales of villains running highly dangerous black ops missions to win their freedom? if you're thinking that it's not a good idea to make comicbook movies featuring d-list characters (and i bet you are), think again! any idea what film brought the comicbook movie back? it was Blade, a movie starring a Marvel comics character so obscure that lotsa people still argue with me when i tell 'em it's based on a comic! and this was before The Matrix, Spiderman or X-men, PLUS it starred a BLACK DUDE and STILL made a grip! the fact is, using d-listers for adaptation keeps fan backlash to a minimum, leaving filmmakers free to tweak the concept as needed without fear of the dreaded nerd tsunami!
anyways, i can tell you now that the screenplay is being written by Justin Marks (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Hack/Slash, Street Fighter) for the producer of Sherlock Holmes and Terminator: Salvation. the character list has yet to be released. Hopefully, Amanda Waller (the HNIC of the team, seen here), Deadshot and Bronze Tiger will all make the cut... seems like a pretty safe bet, since they've all been in DC cartoons lately. but like i said, they are looking to make a franchise, not just one movie... so let's hope it's good!

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