Somebody Ring the Fire Alarm When Johnny Storms...

your man John Blaze, aka Johnny Storm aka Iron Lung aka John-John Phenomenon (otherwise known as rapper Method Man from the mighty Wu-Tang Clan) hooked up with David Atchison (Occult Crimes Taskforce) and Sanford Greene (ArtXilla Tasty Treats, Army of Darkness)to drop Method Man, a 96 page OGN last summer. i had no idea about this until today, but i just ordered it on amazon, so once i get a chance to read it I'll let you know how it was. but the reviews on were pretty good, so i wanted to make ya'll aware, in case you needed some good ghettoManga-style joints to read right away.
here's the sales pitch from amazon:
An ancient evil of unfathomable power plots the unspeakable--the destruction of the mortal realm and beyond. Man's only hope lies in Peerless Poe, a hard-luck private eye with a taste for booze and a magnetic attraction to danger. A former member of the clandestine Order of the Sacred Method, Poe must forge an uneasy alliance with those who exploited him against enemy bent on global annihilation...
so look for that review of the book soon. if you can't wait, click the pic to order your own, cousin!


Indeez said...

Yep ! And this comic book will be published in France in less than 2 months. With an exclusive cover done by Sanford Greene for the french edition !!!

samax said...

i'ma hafta check back and peep that exclusive french variant cover (i'm such a nerd!)

this looks like it's gonna be good...

Corance said...

I actually have it. Sorry I didn't tell you.

It's pretty good. Both writing & art are solid. Some of it's kinda corny or awkward, but overall, it's good stuff.

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