Classic Material: Blood and Guts, by Jason Pearson

one of my favorite artists is Jason Pearson. as much as any i can think of, his writing and drawing style exemplifies the term "ghettoManga"... one of my earliest exposures to his work is Dragon: Blood & Guts, where Pearson utilizes his penchant for portraying gratuitous sex and violence in a world that is accustomed to lots of both, the world of Erik Larsen's signature creation The Savage Dragon.
Blood & Guts focuses on the super-strong Dragon's return to the chicago police from his self-imposed retirement (he's been mourning the death of his girlfriend... despite being green, having only two toes on each foot, and sporting a fin on his dome, chicks dig the Dragon...) to help protect a federal witness against the super-powered mob hitman, Grip. of course, if it were as simple as walking her into the courthouse, i wouldn't be writing this. there is plenty of shooting, punching, and of course, dying. good times... even this early in his career, Pearson had already mastered telling this kind of story.
Dragon: Blood & Guts will not change your life, but if you like ultra-violent, anime-style action, Image-era superheroes, or green dudes who bed fly women, COP IT!

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