Slow Singin' and Flower Bringin'...

Warnin' is not my favorite Biggie Smalls song... that would be Dead Wrong. however, Warnin' is important because this is the song that got me to stop hatin'... when the notorious B.I.G started taking the world by storm, i was going through a spiritual awakening, the details of which i won't bore you with here. the point being, i wasn't trying to hear none o' that gangster isht at that time. so i yawned away many Biggie joints (i was also not that impressed with Juicy, but for other reasons) until one day, quite by accident, i heard Warnin', off BIG's debut plate Ready to Die...

"it's gonna be some slow singiiiin' and flower bringin..."

OH. MY. DAMN! this dude is a RHYMIN' FOOL! BIG rhymes like he's sword fighting, and the stylistic delivery in Warnin' transcended the subject matter... i couldn't front any longer, even though BIG was never MY favorite rapper, that dude sure was dope!


clnmike said...

Warning is what sold me on him too, after i heard that it was a wrap.

samax said...

i just couldn't fight that FLOW!!!

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