Comic Book World #24

the Indiana Pacer's Danny Granger is making a name for himself as a buzzer-beating star in the NBA. So how does the first-time All-Star forward plan to spend that NBA cash? By building a Batcave just like the Caped Crusader himself.

"I'm serious. I even met with like a builder and ask if this would be possible -- have a secret entrance to my house that no one knows about. Make it look like whatever, but have a secret way I can get to my house that I could drive my car in. It would probably cost way too much money but I really may think about doing that. Like seriously. I'm dead serious."

today on ESPN, Granger announced he's already bought the land, and intends to have fingerprint recognition technology in his secret entrance, as well as a mechanism that turns the car around after it's parked... just so you know...


B_Steelo said...

"Now mama always said, there's only so much a fortune a man needs..." - Forrest Gump

samax said...

you KNOW you want a secret entrance and car-spinning turntable (well, i know I do!!!)

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