Samurai VS Vampires... FIGHT!!!

This came out last month, but I forgot about it. Yeah, sue me... Look: Do you want this preview or not?
Here's the Sales Pitch
Bloody action and blood-curdling horror collide, courtesy of RON MARZ (Artifacts ) and LEE MODER (Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E., Painkiller Jane ), as Shinku's one-woman war against the vampire clan continues! The lone surviving member of her samurai family, Shinku invades the vampire stronghold in modern Tokyo. But what does she seek in the lair of her enemies?

dope. This came out in July, but I saw it at my comic shop this week, so if your shop is cool like mine, they should have it...To peep a HUGE preview of Shinku: Throne of Blood #1, just click here.

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