Webcomic (p)REVIEW- "Saint's Way" by Yasmin Liang

I was on a friend's blog when I came across an ad for the amazing new webcomic Saint's Way by unbelievable college student Yasmin Liang.

There's a gang of stuff going on in this serial set in a world that has wizards, superhumans, aliens and an evacuated New York City, but I posted this sequence since it featured the meeting of two important characters: the fabulously designed African American superchick Citizen III, and Vivian, the super-strong little girl who for whatever reason decides to run away to the Big Apple. Liang hasn't yet revealed what Viv is running from, or why she chose New York, but it's obviously serious business, because somebody called the Saint Organization has empowered Phyllis to hire Solomon Wynn to catch her and bring her back.

He may not look like much, but Solomon is known to bring back his marks alive and relatively undamaged, even the super-powered ones. Whoever the Saint Organization is, they have used him repeatedly, and Phyllis taps him to help track Vivian down.
It's hard to say where Saint's Way is going at this point. What I can say is that it's fabulously well drawn and written. It is slowly paced. Some pages are wide open and airy, while others are loaded with revealing but natural dialogue. Liang is humble about her work, but it looks like she's enjoying it... I know I am! When I got to the latest page, I was hit with that "Aw, man... I have to wait for more?" feeling, but you don't hafta talk me off the ledge, the book is apparently updated every Sunday! To peep the comic for yourself, click here.


ross said...

good stuff so far! she also gets a good amount of comments on her pages despite just starting out (WAY more than i get and my comic's past page 100, haha), that always blows my mind.

can't wait to see where the comic goes.

samax said...

Probably because she's still in college. I wonder how much traffic she gets. I first saw her because of a Project Wonderful ad. So she got at least one click through from that!

ross said...

probably way more traffic than i get, haha. i just can't figure this stuff out. maybe my lack of attention is because Shadoweyes is a print book too, but there are plenty of webcomics that are similar to that and those seem to do fine. WHATEVER! BAH!!

samax said...

That's surprising. It seems like your following on DA would get you a lot of readers. A lot of your Wet Moon readers may not feel that they are predisposed to purchase a futuristic vigilante book, but I thought they'd be willing to try it on the web for free.

After all, they're used to looking at your art online... *shrug*

Anyways, I don't know much about how webcomics get readers... I put it on the sidebar here, and I'll try to talk it up more. I think it's a great comic!

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