Mecca Godzilla VS Tsunami: FIGHT!

Yeah, the news media has moved on to other things, but it's still real in the field for survivors of the earthquake/ Tsunami/ meltdown in Japan... so that dude Mecca Godzilla is offering these Rising Sun tees with all proceeds going to relief efforts...

"We just got the order in from our friends at Fresthetic in Brooklyn..." said the emcee and producer on his blog last week, "To assist in the recovery efforts, I created the Rising Sun teeshirt." He went on to say that 100% of the shirt sales will be donated to the Red Cross, specifically for relief efforts in Japan. Before anybody could bring any negativity, Mecca Godzilla heads that off at the pass: "If you know of a better place to donate the funds, let me know"
That's what's up! Get at Mecca Godzilla on his blog, or just click here to order your Mecca Godzilla: Rising Sun tee.


MeccaGodZilla said...

ur the truth man! seriously! many, many thanks Samax!

samax said...

No problem, fam! That's a dope teeshirt! Keep up the good work!

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