PREVIEW- "Urban Shogun Character Guide"

 Your boy Mase (no, not the rapper-turned-preacher-turned-rapper) has dropped a new sourcebook for his magnificent martial arts comic Urban Shogun, and (as is my custom) I have posted up a few pages below for your viewing pleasure...

Here's the Sales Pitch:
The Urban Shogun Character Guide is a comprehensive handbook of the main heroes, villians and Clans of the Urban Shogun universe. The format is similar to the classic Marvel Universe books, and includes histories, rivalries and power levels. It also features pinups from the winners of the Urban Shogun Art Contest.

In case you're not familiar with Urban Shogun, it follows the students of an inner-city martial arts school and the Kung Fu Style Wars that have set the city on fire. Jalen Speare also plays a role in the crossover comic and videogame The Almighty Street Team. You can order the Urban Shogun Character Guide, as well as Urban Shogun: The Evolution of Combat #1 and Street Team #0 on IndyPlanet.


corance said...

I like what I see. Looking foreword to this.

samax said...

yup! Mase is mustard, fam! You should check out "Evolution of Combat" and "Street Team #0"

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