She's so Quotable!

"Every jam I drop, they say 'FIYAH!'
Every illusion I shed, I get higher,
the Devil is a liar, but I'm preachin' to the choir..."
Gotta give some blog love to one of my favorite emcees. The mighty Stahhr posted this track from Concept's dope new production record Impromptu Notes on Facebook today, now I'm sharing it with you... 'cause that's how the eff I roll right now. Enjoy...
Concept comes correct on the beats for this record, which explores and celebrates the relationship between Jazz and sample-based hip hop music. On this joint, StaHHr -as always- delivers rhymes that make you nod your head and stand up straight at the same time on some Chuck D shit. A lotta conscious emcees sound like they would rather be a street preacher than an emcee, but StaHHr freaking OWNS the mic, seen? Anywho, you can click here to peep more of her spittery on my previous StaHHr posts, or just hit her Bandcamp page, tough guy!
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