Corey Lewis goes all Re(y)tro on you...

I came across this awesome one page comic Bloodshed by Corey "Rey" Lewis yesterday, and thought it was awesome! It's his recreation of a character from his childhood, influenced by the wacky early 90's anti-heroes we loved so much back then. Peep the motion comic and some blahzay blah from Corey below.

I'm not a big fan of motion comics, but I figured some of my fellow Rey fans Reyzorheads might dig it. I liked the page a lot though. Made me want to sit down and draw (I didn't though, cause I suck right now... don't judge me!), which is always a good thing! Anyways, here's what the artist had to say:
"BLOODSHED is one of my first childhood superheroes (predating even the GRAPES of SEEDLESS!). He was part of my "VENGEANCE" line of comics back when I was like 11. Admittedly, there weren't many actual Vengeance COMIX, mostly just illustrations and short stories-- but I DID have a sweet custom-made jacket with the giant VENGEANCE "V" on the back..."
 Meanwhile, Corey has completed the long-awaited action sequel Sharknife Double Z, but (for some reason) it won't be in stores until "the Armageddon year of two-thousand twelve..." says Lewis. "It will be your guide to apocalyptic survival. Fear not, for the original volume, SHARKNIFE VOL. 1 STAGE FIRST will ALSO be reprinted, for those of you searching for a legendary copy. You be able to attain BOTH DUO TOMES of the Sharknife Drama Saga, in but a clusterfuck of months."
I think I was even more excited to hear that 2012 may also see the return of Corey's sci-fi sports comic PENG! "Along with Sharknife Double Z, a comic I think people (including myself) have been wanting to see more of, is PENG! My 1-shot comic about kickball." Rey continued...
"The original PENG!, however, was a self-contained 1-shot, so the NEED for new PENG! wasn't as great as the OPEN-ENDED Sharknife. But let it be known, I have some serious plans to bring PENG back. With a vengeance. Sooner than later."


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